Moy Tung Ving Tsun

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                                                                                                   Montgomery County,  Maryland

Sifu Brad Schonhorst
Phone: (240) 813-0336

420 Main Street
Suite 200 (second floor)
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This video was put together from footage of the March 2007 Workshop held at the Brooklyn location.  Grandmaster Moy Tung and Master Moy Yat Tung conducted the first ever workshop in Brooklyn, covering Ving Tsun essentials as well as applied self-defense drills.  This short video includes do ying drills (facing your opponent) focusing on basic ving tsun ideas including pak sao, pak dar, lop sau, tan dar, wrong bong with kick, as well as training to make fluid transitions between techniques.

A recent commercial for the Moy Tung headquarters academy in Richmond, VA.

A kung fu demonstration held at the Richmond Roller Derby.

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